It isn’t luck that got me here

Sometimes I think am I lucky? Am I a fluke to have Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and Fibroids and have symptom free periods?

I read a quote the other day that said ‘it isn’t luck, it is preparation and opportunity’… and I thought fuck yes it is!

I know there are women out there that read my blogs like the one I got published and think phuut its alright for her she’s just the lucky one.

I’m not, I started listening, I started to tune into my body and see what it was that she needed and I started to change things until I found stuff that worked. It was quite a bit of trial and error I can tell you. When I had my diagnosis of Endo and Adeno and I thought, ah-ha here is my opportunity to put into practice all I have taught myself I turned down the hormones and the hysterectomy and you know what? It worked.

Women like you and me with this disease have fucked hormones, they are so out of balance they make a pissed person trying to knit look simple.

It’s why I want to beat my head repeatedly on the wall when I get told “oh but the doctor has started me on hormones” your hormones are ALREADY screwed how and why is taking fake ones going to help?

There is a worrying increase in our society of women being sold ‘you don’t need a period, they are an inconvenience to you’. The increase of hormones used to suppress periods is growing and it’s the biggest experiment in the last 50 years in my honest opinion. Know one knows the repercussions of this, but the increase in serious health conditions like Endometriosis is no coincidence in my mind.

You do need your period’s ladies and here’s why – they tell you really important information about your health, it’s fucking amazing every month our body gives us a full report on how we have been doing. And all we want to do with this information is ignored it, plug it up and suppresses it with drugs.

Let me tell you unless you get really real with yourself and what you are doing you will continue to have the shittest monthly periods. PERIOD

If you don’t wish to confront your own health and body, honour it for what it is giving to you because we are too busy, then I bid you a good day.

But let me share with you this…troubling menstrual symptoms are more a result of overall depleted health than of the menstrual cycle per se. This is the conclusion of several studies that have been done on men and women looking at the general symptoms of the menstrual cycle, like mood swings, depression bloating, headaches and cravings to name a few. They found that both men reported these symptoms AS OFTEN as the women.

So when are we going to wake up and take some responsibility over our hormones, our periods and our health?

Any woman I have ever spoken to about stopping the pill has said to me about how it felt good to stop, how she could think clearer and that she never wanted to take it again. This stuff messes with our body and mind, our hormones are released in such tiny amounts naturally in our body when they measure it from a blood sample it’s 1 in a trillion, and there we are pumping in milligrams of the stuff.

Medicated hormones have a direct impact on our internal chemistry and therefore can have a direct impact on who we are and what we become.

I am not lucky that I am pain and symptom-free of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. I worked fucking hard to find out what worked for me. I listened to my body, I supported her, I cried with her and I rejoiced in her when it went right. Now we have a routine and stick to 90% of the time, it’s why I have started working with women like you, to get them back together again.

If you want to find out more about how I can help you then sign up to my Kick-start Action Plan, take the action you need to get your life back to where it can be. It’s time to get really honest about all this shit, let’s do this!

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  • Linzi Anderson 25th July 2018 9:44 am

    I have adeno, the bloating and dragging pains are the worst. My diet is not great. Although I’m lucky to say my family is done growing, I don’t think that should necessarily mean I have to go for hysterectomy. I want to find better balance with my body.

    • Gemma 9th August 2018 2:23 pm

      Hi, Linzi thanks for your comment. You absolutely don’t have to have a hysterectomy! If you are interested in the work that I do then I would love to help you out, we could get that bloating and dragging feeling sorted out for you Gems x

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