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  • ‘Love your Labia’ ‘Lip’ Balm

    This ‘lip’ balm is for your labia lips ladies. I’ve made this glorious pot of goodness as a lube. There is nothing in there that will irritate your bits. It is however not recommended to use with condoms because of the oil base in it, could cause them to fail.

  • ‘Stop the Sniff’ Snuff

    A small sniff of this great snuff will help clear a blocked nose.

  • Itch is a Bitch Balm

    Thrush is no joking matter it’s enough to drive you mad when you get a flare up. This balm is packed with herbs that will help cool and naturally ease the irritation without unbalancing anything in your vagina.

  • ‘Ain’t No Dried Up Prune’ Menopause Tincture

    This tincture contains herbs that help to relieve the symptoms of menopause.

  • ‘Bloody Brilliant Tonic’ Women’s Tincture

    This tincture is a great for all round hormonal support for women.

  • ‘Come on Baby!’ Birth Tincture

    This is for those of you that are facing induction and would like to try and kickstart things off naturally, this tincture is great for encouraging the uterus to start working and give bub the eviction notice hopefully helping to avoid any medicalised inductions… woohoo!

  • ‘Cough It Up Baby’ Cough Syrup

    Helps suppress an irritable cough.

  • ‘Crony Joney’ Peri-Menopause Tincture

    This tincture contains herbs that help to relieve the symptoms of peri-menopause.

  • ‘Fuck that Shit’ Anxiety Tincture

    This tincture is designed to create calm when it feels like the world is losing its shit. Sometimes we can get an attack of the wobbles and we just need something to ground us and restore our nerves back to a place of chill.

  • ‘Just Turmeric’ Anti-Inflammatory Tincture

    This tincture is a great anti-inflammatory.

  • ‘Soft & Squidgy Cervix’ Tincture

    This tincture is all about getting your cervix nice and squidgy for labour, if you are needing to have an induction or you just want to prep for the big day then this is potion for you.

  • Aunty Virus – Echinacea

    A great natural boost for the immune system.