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  • The Well Woman Endo Box

    Kick Endo/Adeno in the butt with this box of tricks!

    I have developed this box to contain everything you need to help you fight back naturally against the symptoms of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis.

  • The Well Woman Period Box

    A box for your box!

    Sick of crappy periods? Tired of feeling tired? Our period box contains everything you need to fight back, naturally.

  • The Well Woman Snot Box

    Our box to help you survive the winter!

    This box contains all you need to help you naturally stave off the colds and sniffles over the winter months.

  • Calm the Cramps Balm

    As well as the tincture, this balm can be used to help ease things that bit further. Can be applied as many times as needed during your bleed and is wonderfully soothing.

  • Ouch! Wound Healing Balm

    This balm naturally speeds up the healing process.

  • ‘Fresh Feet’ Athlete’s Foot Balm

    A great natural way of combating the irritation of Athlete’s Foot.

  • ‘Just Loosen Up’ Chest Balm

    This chest rub is a great natural way to help unblock sinuses and ease congestion.