The Well Woman Endo Box


Kick Endo/Adeno in the butt with this box of tricks!

I have developed this box to contain everything you need to help you fight back naturally against the symptoms of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis.

Each box come packed full with the following:

  • ‘Grease me up baby’ Castor Oil Pack (250ml) – castor oil packs promote healing and reduce inflammation, improves circulation and elimination of toxins.
    Comes with a wool fleece for application
  • ‘Calm the cramps’ cramp relief tincture (50ml) – tincture to help relieve cramps, made from Chaste Tree, Cramp bark and Frankincense
  • ‘Calm the cramps’ Belly Rub (30ml) – a soothing belly rub to help relieve those cramps, made with Lady’s Mantle, Meadowsweet, St John’s Wort, and Essential Oils
  • ‘Not the Endo the World’ Tincture (50ml) – a tincture to help reduce heavy bleeding, break down adhesions and help reduce the symptoms of Endo and Adeno. Contains Chaste Tree, Wild Oats, Yarrow, Bearberry, Myrrh, Lady’s Mantle, Wild Yam, Ginseng, Cramp bark, Marigold, and Burdock.
  • Strong and MighTea (50g) – this tea does exactly as it says on the tin, helps boost up your iron, help battle fatigue and support your body while it’s busy with other things. Made with Ginger, Nettles, Cinnamon, and Burdock
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