Colds & Viruses

The herbs you need to fight back when you are feeling run down.

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  • The Well Woman Snot Box

    Our box to help you survive the winter!

    This box contains all you need to help you naturally stave off the colds and sniffles over the winter months.

  • ‘Just Loosen Up’ Chest Balm

    This chest rub is a great natural way to help unblock sinuses and ease congestion.

  • ‘Stop the Sniff’ Snuff

    A small sniff of this great snuff will help clear a blocked nose.

  • ‘Cough It Up Baby’ Cough Syrup

    Helps suppress an irritable cough.

  • Aunty Virus – Echinacea

    A great natural boost for the immune system.

  • ImmuniTea

    A great loose tea which provide the herbs you need to boost your immune system

  • SnotTea

    Loose Tea to help with the symptoms of a cold. This tea is great as a decongestant and immune booster.