The herbs you need to support you with your birth

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  • ‘Come on Baby!’ Birth Tincture

    This is for those of you that are facing induction and would like to try and kickstart things off naturally, this tincture is great for encouraging the uterus to start working and give bub the eviction notice hopefully helping to avoid any medicalised inductions… woohoo!

  • ‘Soft & Squidgy Cervix’ Tincture

    This tincture is all about getting your cervix nice and squidgy for labour, if you are needing to have an induction or you just want to prep for the big day then this is potion for you.

  • Bit Nippy – Sore Nip Balm

    A balm which is perfect for soothing cracked nipples.

  • Bunch of Grapes – Haemorrhoid Balm

    Helps ease your bunch of grapes!